Sunday, August 21, 2011


Won ton soup! So good!

After doing grocery shopping and coming back home from the heavy rainfall this evening I took 30 mins to put together some little wonton dumplings. They are very easy to do and you only need two ingredients and a few flavourings for a lovely soup.

Nice lean ground beef and wonton wrappers! Spice the beef however you like, I've added some heavy cream for tender beef, soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil, leave it raw and blend it nicely into a paste.
Grab a wrapper and wet the sides using your finger (dipped in a bit of water) then fill the middle and close it up squeezing the sides of the dough together in whatever shape you like, triangles, pockets, pouches, purses... whatever suites you and is easiest.

Get your stock (or just a plain nice stock of boiling water and a few soup cubes) and add the dumplings in, they cook very quickly and the meat inside gets fully cooked from raw.

So so so good. Lighting was bad to take the pic because it was so late but they were delicious!

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