Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meatball "Minestrone"

Here's a recipe for a meatball "minestrone" or an italian wedding soup.

Mince meat (preferably with some fat but if not just add some soft butter into it)


Dijon (or any mustard)

Bread crumbs

Chopped parsley

Soy sauce

Worcestershire sauce

1 egg (why the heck didn’t we use the extra yolks?!)

Garlic powder (or fresh garlic) and chopped onion (if everyone is ok with this)

Black pepper

Salt (keep in mind soy sauce is salty)

Knead it like crazy and form balls.

For this soup make tiny meatballs to cook quickly and fit nicely on the spoon with the pasta.

In a large pot add a bit of oil and begin frying some tomato paste, add water and frozen vegetables (or chopped celery, carrots and any vegetables you'd like in the soup) Add whole garlic and an onion (which you can scoop out later)

Season with salt and a dash of dry oregano then let it simmer until the vegetables are just about cooked. Once it's cooked bring it back to a boil and add pasta (something small to cook quickly) and simmer on low until the pastas are just about tender. Drop in the meatballs and cook further. Add chopped spinach or any other quick cooking greens if desired.

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