Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mac & Cheese

Using this basic cream sauce here's some inspiration for the American classic dish of Mac & Cheese!

Once you make a basic white sauce, you could add a bit more milk to thin it out because the cheese adds a bit of "gumminess"

Grate in your favourite cheeses. For a mild flavour go with a basic white cheddar.

For more punch go with older aged cheeses or a blend of mild and sharp.

For a gourmet version add the french Gruyere or Comte cheeses or mimolette cheese for it's distinct flavour, mix it with a good melting cheese.

Add feta for a creamy fresh taste.

Add ins:

Green onions
Chopped tomatoes
hot dogs

Tabasco sauce
Thai Chilli sauce
Rooster Sauce
A sweet mustard
Pickled okra

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