Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lemon BBQ chicken

I really don't like chicken breast, to me it's just dry... the legs are the best part I think.

This is a signature recipe of mine.

It works with the entire chicken, and even the breast will be moist and tender.

Cut your chicken in pieces of you could apply the same recipe to a whole chicken or a flattened chicken (a brick bbq style recipe)

Juice a whole lot of lemons, add kosher salt and a dash of hungarian smoked paprika.

Now take this juice and pour it all over the chicken and make sure it covers all the pieces.

If it's a whole chicken you have to get in there under the skin of the breast and legs with the juice.

Let the chicken marinade overnight and the next day heat up the grill. Drizzle the chicken with some oil and grill it up.

A flattened whole chicken works great on the BBQ but if you're going to bake it then you could take some butter (room temp soft) and put this under the breast and skin (this done the day before with the lemon marinade)

For a fall winter variation add crushed fennel seeds with the lemon, the combination is amazing!


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