Sunday, September 11, 2011

Avocado Pizza

Avocado Pizza

This is just something that came about while I was making regular pizza.

I had leftover scallions (Green onions) on hand and a ripe avocado and enough dough but no more toppings so I threw them onto the pizza.

When adding the green onion put it in the last couple of minutes so they don't burn or add it near the sauce layer.

Let the avocado cook and get nice and browned if possible.

The pizza dough crust is thin so all in all the pizza was done very quickly.


  1. Not a fan of avocado, but it looks fresh and it is something different, so I guess I'll try it!

  2. This looks really Yummy to me! I came by your site when I clicked on Red Clover Lemonade courtesy of Health and Natural Living.
    My daughter has her birthday the same day as yours. Happy Belated Birthday!