Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn comfort foods

Some foods I've made over the last month.

-Roasted radishes, who knew you could roast a radish?! Delicious!

- Bubble 'n' Squeak, always yummy!! Browned hotdogs and potatoes, shredded cabbage all cooked in a pot with a sprinkling of caraway seeds. A family favourite.

- English pot roast from this past weekend. Brushed with English mustard then seasoned and browned all over on the grill (outdoor BBQ) Lots of Worcestershire sauce and into the oven it went over a bed of celery stalks and a few wedges of tomato.

Once tender the juices were thickened into a delicious gravy. So good, lots of leftovers!

- Sausage and fennel pizza. Local beef sausage with cheese and a sprinkling of fennel on homemade pizza dough.

- Apple tasting - different varieties of local apples in season!

- Apple brie cheese turnovers, so good & easy using frozen puff pastry.

- Taco seasoned meat over mac&cheese! A quick dinner.

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